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When you are getting started it’s so hard to understand the integral role packaging has to play in marketing and advertising.In other words, this is one of the most important product decisions you need to make—It is to look for a good packaging manufacturer that will make your product look more refined and beautiful.When you upgrade your product, you also need to upgrade your product packaging to reflect the product is updated, more in line with the needs of consumers.They key is to know which packaging factors will influence your product’s success– or failure.

Here are five key factors for custom packaging that you must understand and then customize the packaging for your product to improve sales according to the actual situation.

Beautiful and Creative Packaging Designs

  1. You cannot have a product without a package.

You have to be able to transport an item from point A to point B,Product packaging and shipping cartons ensure that the product will not be damaged during transportation. Even if your product is not vulnerable,If there is no product packaging,it can’t get more attention on the shelves.

It’s interesting how packaging is developing. In a lot of cases, Without packaging, there is no product sales. For example, toothpaste can be deformed in the process of transportation and sales if without packaging, and even extrusion products make toothpaste overflow. It is so ordinary that many individuals never think this fact: Where would toothpaste be without a package?The same is true for other product packaging, and what needs to be considered is the protection of the product.

Whatever the response might be, it’s time to start thinking of how the packaging is going to impact both shipping and merchandising.

  1. Different types of packaging manufacturing costs are not the same.

The general rule is that the package needs to be 8-10% of the overall cost usually. 10% of every dollar invested at retail is directly attributable to packaging. But that cost can vary dramatically with the item being packaged.Typically, the size of the package will be slightly larger than the product, but the card-type package will be more expensive than the kraft package, even if the same size and style.

Let’s talk about potato chip packaging, which has a plastic bag type and a cylindrical packaging type. The use of cylindrical packaging chips will make the selling price more expensive, and even can reach 5 times the sales price, even if it is the same weight.Although the cost of customizing a better type of packaging sometimes increases, the benefits it earns far outweigh the costs of multiple payments. According to different product positioning, use a variety of styles of packaging, to get the most benefits.

  1. Your product packaging design must be appealing, not just protection products

The typical customer invests simply 2.6 second deciding whether to pick up your item or not. So your packaging can be better conveyed to the audience with the best information. The same is true for yourself. When you go through any marketing store or shelf, you will only be attracted by creative product packaging, and pay attention to and purchase.

That’s just the beginning. Who is going to purchase your item? Do you know? Are you aware of exactly what language, colors, design and packaging products that attract your target group?This can determine if your item is popular. Ask yourself, who do I wish to buy my item and exactly what packaging characteristics will appeal to them?

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  1. Many packaging products providers need big quantity orders.

The amount of orders at the beginning will be relatively small, or it will be called a trial order, and the unit price will be higher. In many cases, an excessively high custom packaging unit price may become a difficulty, but this is not a bad thing.In the beginning, it was not enough for the custom packaging manufacturers or suppliers to understand that the order volume of the first three batches would lead to relatively large risks, but the risk and cost of the test orders would be relatively small.

I know you want to reduce costs, including custom packaging. You can completely cooperate with us several times, according to the actual situation to decide whether or not to place large orders. Undoubtedly, the larger the number of orders to be placed, the lower the unit price you will get, and the other additional discounts will be more.

  1. Packaging trends and innovations will affect the direction of your product packaging upgrade

Things in the world are developing every year, and packaging design trends are also constantly innovating, requiring frequent upgrades of product packaging. If you do not improve package design in a timely manner, in order to meet the new needs and aesthetics of consumers, you will lose the advantage in the market competition.

Our customers will regularly upgrade their product packaging and improve their packaging design 3-4 months, which is very good for sales promotion. Subtle improvements can be made from color processing, logos using special printing processes, and laminating processes. Do not underestimate any minor changes, it may be more in line with the aesthetic needs of consumers, so as to ensure more loyal customers.

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I’m not attempting to frighten or overwhelm you with decisions that you are not prepared to make. I am attempting to mention a few of the realities you will need to understand and consider in item packaging. The time to attend to these issues is at the point when you prepare your item for market not at the end when often times it’s too late.

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