Fonmoo packaging

Fonmoo Packaging Co., Ltd. in the development of 17 years of development process, the gradual formation of the enterprise for the development of corporate culture characteristics. Fonmoo packaging corporate culture can be “concerned about the details of the quality of the root, innovation and development; people-oriented, customer first” and other 20 words to describe. Fonmoo packaging business culture accompanied by Fonmoo through the ups and downs of the decade, supporting the development and growth of lush.

Concern details: Fonmoo packaging Whether in product structure design, sample proofing, raw material selection and after processing technology, pay attention to every detail, and strive to be perfect in every aspect. We know that only the details will be the best, will win the customer’s satisfaction. Therefore, we in the product structure design, time and again to modify, just to be able to meet your requirements, and even do better than your request. In the choice of raw materials, we also according to the characteristics of the product and your request, do not miss a little bit of flaws. We will every detail to do the ultimate, just to give you create more value.

Quality for the root: Fonmoo packaging for the pursuit of product quality excellence. In Fonmoo, product quality is the fundamental development of enterprise production has been in-depth every employee’s heart. In the lush, there is no best product quality, only the pursuit of better product quality, we do not allow the product to appear a little bit of quality defects. To Fonmoo custom product packaging, get will be high quality products, satisfied with the quality of shopping and rest assured.

Innovation and development: refers to the rich in the development process of continuous innovation, continue to walk in the industry research leading position. 8 years ago, Fonmoo to spend their own packaging design team, with more than 10 years in the packaging design of senior packaging design staff there are several people, served hundreds of well-known enterprises, and access to customers widely recognized. In Fonmoo, we both in the packaging product structure development, style design, color matching will give professional advice and advice. In Fonmoo we have been at the forefront of research and development, for you to design a unique product packaging.

People-oriented: refers to the rich, whether in the internal management of employees, customer service philosophy or commitment to social responsibility, always embodies the concept of people-oriented. Fonmoo leadership of the staff care, care for the lives and difficulties of staff, leadership and staff to share the joys and sorrows, only to better serve customers. In the product design, but also to customer demand as the starting point to meet the needs of more customers.

Customer first: refers to the intention of each customer service. In the lush, always want customers to think, the urgency of urgency to the customer’s needs as a starting point. For customers anxious question, we are still anxious than the customer, only to the customer service is good .