custom printed or no printed square cardboard packaging boxes wholesale

Cardboard packaging is quite versatile as it could be made very strong, and yet remains very mild. Card carton packaging can be divided into small product packages and large transport case packages depending on size.Large Cardboard packaging is generally sent flat packed and assembled into a box after delivery. In general really fancy custom made cardboard boxes have been sent already built, as they occupy much more room onto a lorry one constructed,But it can make the stacking of each box very neat and avoid the waste of space.

Cardboards other great advantage is how it could be molded to numerous forms of other packaging like cardboard tubes to protect glass documents or items. In addition, it can be made into corrugated card, which can be set inside a box to use as environmentally friendly packing rather than having to use foam packaging.It’s also in general one hundred percent recyclable, and really this is now an integral factor, with many product distributors changing to using it for this reason.

wholesale large cardboard food packaging for Fruit cardboard Packaging Boxes

In its form it can take heavy loads and is very shock resistant in case of the box being dropped,Very good protection for the product, so more product dealers are willing to choose them.
The advantage of shipping them flat packed with clients is you could match several thousand in 1 lorry, yet likely only a portion of the number if they had been put together! The same benefit applies when storing them on your warehouse un-assembled, as they occupy less space.

custom printed cardboard packaging boxes wholesale

Cardboard packaging will undoubtedly evolve even more in the years to come, and prove to have more novel new uses for it.

Cardboard is also easily coated in various other coatings which can do such things as make it virtually watertight, thus the usage of cardboard packaging as milk cartons.

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