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Folding Box Board Packaging are often used as shipping cartons, and because of their foldability, they can save a lot of storage space and costs. With the advent of small folding cartons, the scope of its use has become more extensive and can be used in cosmetics, food, medical, photography and frozen food industries. The folding box panel can then be printing art to meet various packaging requirements. It may have many printed Approach, including adding laminate or aluminum foil to meet specific requirements.

Folding box boards are used in many types of packaging inventions. It is used for regular packaging and sample or promotional packaging. It is a very versatile package of pulp material that can be molded into any size or shape. It is more often used for exterior packaging than interior lining. The raw materials for these box products are mainly corrugated and copper paper and recycled paper. The pulping process extracts wood fibers to form this heavy duty cardboard.

Folded kraft paper packaging box wholesale,brown kraft food packaging used as eggs boxes or cupcake boxes

Different sizes of packaging are designed to accommodate different products. Custom packaging can be applied to a variety of products including toys, beverages and clothing. If you need to custom package for product, you need to know more about cheap and efficient packaging, such as folding carton board. Professional suppliers can answer any questions you may have about this type of packaging material. You can search for the packaging supplier by searching for the key in the “custom packaging” on the Internet, and after comparing, determine which company meets your requirements.

A sample of folding box designs may be required, which is very necessary to assess suitability for your needs. Small carton packs can be colored, embossed, embossed, gilded and various other various printing processes. Most suppliers do not provide packaging design services, but Fonmoo packaging has a professional team to improve your packaging design for you, or you can provide your own manufacturing prototype ideas. After completing your preliminary design, the production of the sample will be very critical, from which we can judge the quality of the packaging. Although you can spend $10 to ship samples, you will be assured of the quality of all products, which is well worth it.

wholesale irregular Folded kraft paper food packaging boxes without printed

I believe that you already have a preliminary understanding of folding packaging, perhaps for your product has a preliminary idea of custom packaging. You can contact us to boldly tell us your ideas, we will fully listen to your comments and give advice to help you produce the perfect custom packaging.

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  1. I have more ideas for hard cardboard box packaging. I fold it when I customize the package, which saves shipping costs. Thank you for your opinion, will help me reduce costs.

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