As your packaging must not only protect your goods, we offer you this article to discover the effective solutions to make of them real communication media.

Traceability, a major challenge for packaging

If we often mention the importance of traceability for food, this must-be should also be able to be traced and studied for your goods, also concerns packaging. Whether you ship a box, a pouch or a shipping tube, or even a pallet, recipients must be able to instantly identify the nature of the merchandise as well as the shipper.

Unless you have already customized your packaging to your image and your name, it will be essential to attach to each of your shipments the documents necessary for this identification. The briefcase pouch is therefore obvious and necessary.

Documents for tracking a package, the pledge of optimizing your logistics

With the range of briefcases, you can choose a solution, which will adhere to all supports. From the pallet to the media packaging, you guarantee to be able to join all the documents that are necessary to the sending of your products (technical sheet, commercial documents, legal information, … .etc.).

You give the possibility to all the manipulators of your parcels to detect, at a glance, a possible error of recipient and / or to identify the origin and the nature of the packaged goods. The document holder guarantees you, with the ultra-transparency of its film, to facilitate the reading of the barcode for even more efficiency and practicality.

Inform and investigate, another mission devolving to the packaging

Neutral or printed with the words “Documents enclosed”, the briefcase pouch offers the possibility of attaching a return label or barcode. And with the increase in reverse logistics, particularly related to the development of e-commerce, it is a response adapted to today’s expectations.

But sometimes, you must also inform the recipients and the manipulators of your packages by providing them with even more concrete information. A simple logo will be enough to indicate them the need to handle a fragile package with care, while a well-directed arrow will allow everyone to locate the top or the bottom of a package. Find all these pre-printed labels in our catalog and use the packaging itself to communicate with your recipients. In addition to its protection mission, packaging becomes a real support for your image and your sense of detail.

Packaging label and briefcase are part of the existing solutions, and we can accompany you to go even further in this need to exchange and communicate with your recipients, so just feel free to ask us.

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