With the advent of flexible product packaging and easy to shape the product packaging, Making the food box packaging in the transport, easy to use and so easy to get a greater breakthrough. Whether the packaging is liquid or solid, their packaging must be safe and easy to use. Therefore, the choice of packaging materials mainly kraft paper, corrugated paper, cardboard or copper paper-based; design is also portable and easy to open.

Today’s pvc box packaging is widely used in the home and is used as a recyclable package. pvc packaging is often used as food crisper, put it in the refrigerator, play a role in food preservation. The kraft paper box packaging is as pizza and other transport boxes, very safe, good flexibility, is a very good food packaging, one of the main materials.

Be it an all set made food products like biscuits, candies, cakes, noodles, sandwiches and a lot more, kraft packing can be seen in many departmental stores. In addition to kraft paper, copper paper is also one of the most widely used packaging materials. Copper can be used in cosmetics, electronic products, gift boxes, etc., and even blister packaging as the inner packaging, with a variety of printing technology and careful design. No matter what the packaging, choose the right material, this is a very crucial point.

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Considering that the food packaging safety depends on the quality of the packaging materials, it becomes essential to use the best raw products especially for food packaging. Product packaging used in the cardboard, kraft paper, corrugated paper, laser paper, such as bearing the weight is not the same, the performance of the propaganda is not the same, you need to select according to product market positioning. Such as cardboard is generally used in high-end electronic packaging, kraft paper and corrugated cardboard are mainly used in food packaging more, and laser paper and other specialty paper adds packaging cool effect.

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