creative bread packaging bag

As the product competition is more intense, and you want to win more consumers under the environment of the buyer’s market, you must upgrade the product packaging.In many custom packaging, more and more product packaging has creative, and quickly spread the brand, playing a huge advertising effect.The following is a collection of some of my high creative packaging design, to share with everyone

This is a fitness weight loss ads, the use of bread packaging as a promotional vehicle. 6 linked to the bread like human abdominal muscles, hidden in the packaging.Packaging is reflected in a robust man pull up clothes, revealing muscles, full of male hormone breath. Jeans part of the name of the gym also printed, play the best promotional role.This innovative fitness ad wrapper adds 80% to a one-month gym client.

Fitness bread packaging, helping to increase sales 80%

Compared with most biscuit packaging, Starfish warship design of the cookie box is very creative.Due to the popularity of Galaxy ships, a large number of loyal fans, so the packaging of Starfish Star Warship structure, can use the brand to attract more consumers.The unique structure of the packaging, in the shelves always can  get more show.

Star River battleship structure creative biscuit packaging

How to reflect the fresh juice through the packaging?I believe many people will see these two creative fruit packaging, and even have a great appetite.Strawberry packaging perfect use of strawberry style, bright red background, one by one the strawberry seeds, strawberry freshness is the perfect embodiment.The same concept of packaging design, you can also apply to the watermelon juice, banana juice and other product packaging.

Strawberry juice & banana juice creative packaging, packaging products as a design element

If said before we introduce creative food packaging design is intuitive, looked at the packaging that you know what is the product, resulting in a strong desire to buy, then next to introduce you to the unique packaging of tea. But this is a tea packaging, including the every small package which is a pyramid, and with more than 95% of the tea product packaging is different.

Pyramid creative tea box packaging custom

We introduce you to the creative food packaging is multifaceted, mainly based on the characteristics of the product to consider. Regardless of the structure, or graphic design, should highlight the characteristics of the product is a minority.If you have a custom packaging plan for your product, feel free to contact us, we can also provide you with packaging design and high quality product packaging.

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