L-type coffee hand-packed

For office workers, it’s great to be able to solve the breakfast issue on the way to work, or carry coffee will  not pour out.This innovative coffee box is provided by a coffee shop to suit your needs.It is itself a concept brand packaging designed by four Swedish design students in 2015,From the side view looks like lying on the ground of the letter P, one hand can grasp, very convenient.The first half of the box holds the staple food and yogurt carton, the second half serves both as a handle and could put of cup coffee.

Coffee & sandwich package
coffee packaging

Carton packaging like lunchboxes is very rare, but has appealing.This is a take-away package designed by three design students for a Japanese restaurant, based on a colorful visual image.Take the “no plastic packaging” as the core to create take-out box printed by the restaurant LOGO printed adhesive packaging,The bottom of the box has two licks that can be lifted, which can be stacked like a lunch box. The small hole that comes with the chopsticks which is reserved through the box becomes a handle.

Lunch box carton packaging
Lunch box carton packaging with hook up

A total of three stacked layers, each layer there are three lattice, the different foods completely separate, does not affect their delicious.

Lunch box carton packaging design
Lunch box cardboard packaging

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