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The packaging boxes, this type of simple thing we take for granted every time we tear open a package or mail merchandise to somebody.  You’d think something really simple in design for a cardboard box could have existed forever, but these brownish boxes were not devised until the mid-19th century.  Cardboard boxes and packaging have been an ingenious thought that revolutionized the delivery market.

That which we called “cardboard boxes” are corrugated boxes as they’re made from corrugated fiberboard.  Fiberboard is constructed from paper and fluted.  The fluted bit of paper is located between two horizontal lining planks, Groove paper is located between two horizontal linings and is mainly used to wrap large items. Corrugated cartons were not optimized before 1871 and were mainly used for daily necessities, but they were not box-shaped.

square corrugated boxes packaging design

Corrugated boxes enhanced upon Jones’ design, but it had been a couple of years after we eventually saw the maturation of the genuine cardboard box.He was a newspaper handbag manufacturer and after a small accident with some of these machines, in a hand-made indentation of corrugated paper, he can make a box. Boxes and packaging were used only for glass and ceramics, but soon the farmers used it to transport the products. Due to the low cost, the box immediately replaced the transport with a wooden box.

Corrugated board is fabricated on big machines known as corrugators.  They can make 500 linear feet per minute.  Exactly like every newspaper manufacturing process, the initial step would be pulping –that the separation of timber into fibers.  Then, the paper is garnished with high heeled steam and subsequently dried.  The fibers have been bent to the proper depth and set involving paperboard sheets.  Stress is applied to maximize its potency.

Now that you have corrugated cardboard, you must determine which packaging design style. Most of us know that the most typical square design is the so-called regular trough container. But what about that shape of box? Packaging engineers design corrugated boxes and try to do this at the lowest possible cost. Engineers do more than just design, they must check the power of the box and determine if it can withstand high humidity and determine if it has sufficient resistance to crushing.

2018 new creative corrugated boxes packaging design

Today, corrugated cartons are crucial for packaging and shipping materials. However, whether the packaging is attractive is determined by the packaging design. According to different product features, choosing different packaging background colors and designs will have a significant impact on the packaging visual experience. Do not ignore the corrugated packaging design at any time, because 90% of consumers will buy products because of their good Corrugated packaging design.


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