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We may puzzle there are so many packaging look highend ,something like gold plating .As some packaging will use different pattern metalized paper as material to enhance the visual effect ,in this way ,we can improve product value .Pleasw allow me to share what is metalized paper and how to apply to different industry .

  1. What is metalized paper ?

In fact,metalized paper is a reprocessing synthetic paper,but it used widly among special paper ,mainly in gifts 、ighend food 、cosmetic and jewlry . Gold cardboard paper is hard ,it divide into Aluminum foil metalized and PET aluminum film metalized ,the surface is gloss ,color and gloss is adjustable ,glossy or matte in the surface is possible ,also we can do embossing on the material .

The thickness have 120G to 450G ,noremally we use 120G to 250G for inner packaging ,over the 300G will be used for outer packaging . The below picture as the reference for we know more about paper material . We are the professional packaging manufacturer ,we can offer a complete set of metalized paper sample catalog for reference .

120g-450g gold cardboard, different patterns can be used for different product packaging

2 Metalized paper was widly use in food product ,especial in brics type packaging design ,it will attractive customers by its brics shape ,so it bring a good effect in promotion . Like the below picture ,many pcs of the brics packaging are stack up ,it is attractive . We can put chocolate and candy inside the packaging ,as these are light food ,we can use 150G to 250G metalized paper ,if we use it in cake packaging ,as below picture ,the highend packaging make the product promoted a level ,people will think the packaging like a gold hand bag .

wholesale cheap gold cardboard boxes for food packaging

The metalized paper which used in food packaging are forcus on pure color ,but when applying to gift packaging ,we will like to use metalized paper with pattern. Look the picture below ,we will found that they are the same gold gift packaging ,compare with the righ one ,the left one with pattern metalized paper have a more attractive looks and luxury ,it improve the visual feeling .

gold cardboard boxes packaging for gifts,Can improve the grade of gifts

If you can not understand aobut the ajustment of the metalized color and surface matte or glossy processing ,you can check the below gold jewrly boxes . These are two different pattern jewrly gift box ,left one with matte process ,right one with glossy . We can not evaluate which process is better ,as one is for classical one is for flamboyant . But the important is that we can choose the best packaging design and material ,then used in the appropriate process according the product feture .

custom high quality cardboard gift boxes packaging for jewelry

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  1. I have been looking for ways to make my packaging look more luxurious, but ordinary gold cardboard is difficult to meet my requirements. Through your blog, I think I found a better way, thank you very much

  2. As a professional packaging designer, I really like this blog and gave me a lot of design inspiration.

  3. For the first time, I learned about such a variety of gold-paperboards. The application of different gold-paperboards in this article will be of great help to my design of paper packaging. Thank you.

  4. Although I have had the experience of custom packaging before, the lack of use and understanding of the materials has led to poor packaging results. Your article is very helpful to me, thank you very much.

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