corrugated coffee packaging design
  • What are the basic requirements for coffee box packaging design?

When choosing coffee, I believe most people like me are more willing to go to the coffee shop and pack a hot cup of coffee as afternoon tea,Or put it back into the office and work with colleagues to share happy hours. But only the hottest coffee is the most delicious, no one can accept cold coffee. As a coffee shop, it would be hard to attract consumers without a distinctive package, which would have been a poor experience if there was no portable coffee package as a package. The coffee is hot and can not be placed directly in your hand; it can not be placed in a plastic bag, which can cause the coffee to come out. The following figure is a portable packaging can be a perfect solution to any problem.

wholesale portable coffee package design for coffee shop

This is an easy-to-package tray, with just two cups of coffee in it’s package, the lower part of the coffee will be displayed,and it is also very smooth when on the table. It is very portable, compared to the more convenient plastic bag, the material used is also much more environmentally friendly than the plastic box. And according to corrugated paper coffee packaging design template, It can be seen that whether it is assembly, opening the package is very easy, very good experience. Snap-type design, is to add stability when carrying. For the coffee shop only, this kind of similar product packaging, not only upscale atmosphere, but also can save a lot of packaging manufacturing costs.

free provide Corrugated coffee packaging design template

  • Coffee packaging design graphics determine the effect of publicity

The design of the packaging structure is just the first step in the success of the product sales, because the new packaging structure is easy to imitate, and even your competitors will be the first time to improve.If your coffee packaging graphic design is not prominent, it will soon lose its competitiveness.Coffee packaging graphics design, as the product and shop the “beautiful value” and the characteristics of the embodiment, need to be based on many aspects to consider improvements.Product packaging with printed designs and printing processes is more appealing than patterns without any information and allows consumers to read useful information and create brand loyalty.For example, the coffee design below, similar types of packaging, with convex printing process, more easily recognized by consumers.

coffee packaging design
Portable mobile coffee packaging design
  • The impact of design of package additional functions on coffee shop sales

For the coffee shops nowadays, it would be best if you could sell anything of relevance when selling coffee.Would not it be more perfect if the coffee and pizza are sold in combination to form a package?In the design of coffee packaging, The coffee and other food combinations in a portable package boxes, as the main push food package , for the promotion of the overall sales a great role.Or, on our separate coffee wrapper, we design two curved locations to attach “sugar” or “milk” packing box,consumers can freely choose the original flavor, add sugar or add milk, especially if you help a friend to buy coffee,you can avoid a lot of trouble.If according to the actual situation, increase the additional functionality of the package, for the sale is of great help.

creative coffee packaging design template
Creative Coffee Packaging & Pizza Packaging


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