Custom creative food packaging for Biscuit, chocolate, candy, pizza, cake

Food is one product that needs safety packaging. The strict policies and standards enforced in relation to health problems arising from wrong product packaging. Accordingly, food product packaging materials ought to be suitable to offer superior health care and convenience to customers along with low influence on the environment. For your product packaging needs, there are different products to pick from for food and drink:

Glass: This is a type of product that can be formed in numerous shapes and can be recycled without much change in mechanical residential or commercial properties. It needs high temperature in forming, glass packaging material has extremely great barrier residential or commercial properties and impermeability from gases and water vapor. It is generally utilized for the production of containers and bottles, which can be pasteurized at high temperature. If there’s one downside of glass as a packaging product for food, it’s its brittleness. When subjected to insensitive handling, they easily break.

Juice glass packaging
creative glass food packaging

Paper and cardboard: These materials from wood are made generally utilized for dry food such as sugar, salt, bread, flour and others. Paper is light, simple but permeable to air, water vapor and gases. They are very inexpensive materials but can be easily customized to different sizes and shapes. Paper as packaging product has really low impact on environment because of its extremely sustainable property.

creative cardboard packaging for egg
creative cardboard packaging for wine

Plastic: Plastic product packaging for food products is becoming extensively popular even for microwave operation. Eco-friendly plastics are specifically processed for the materials to decompose at specific good manners.

creative plastic tube packaging for food

Combined products (laminates): Packaging products of this type is made up of few thin layers of different materials like metal plastic and paper films. They likewise have great barrier residential or commercial properties and laminate packaging is airtight that increases the shell life of items.

laminated packaging

Intelligent and active packaging: Food packaging products, which consist of compounds that prolong shelf-life. These substances are primarily oxygen and ethylene absorbers. They could likewise be compounds binding or discharging oxygen dioxide, regulating water, anti-oxidants and antibacterial compounds.

Nanocomposites: They are new-generation product packaging with particular properties which enhance mechanical and barrier properties. They are typically applied to production of bottles or films with really low permeability for oxygen and water vapor. This one however is fairly pricey however can be recycled.Appropriately, food packaging materials need to provide the utmost protection to the items for human consumption.

Nanocomposites packaging

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