The paper bag?

An Ideal Gift Package!

Have not you often wondered what you would do with all those paper bags that pile up in your closets?

And who has not dreamed of escaping and avoiding the endless queue of packing tables in department stores during the holidays?

We often tend to neglect the small paper bag that packs our purchases. Well, that period is over!

So create a unique piece and give a second life to this little bag that thought to end up in the trash.

Just a clever idea! Thanks to this packaging that seems at first sight harmless, we can create something more original to turn it into a beautiful gift package…

How to do it?

You start by choosing a paper bag or more in your personal stock. Then you arm yourself with scissors, tape and accessories such as ribbon, paper flowers, bolder or raffia, adhesive labels or masking tapes…

Finally mix everything, let speak your imagination and your creativity: you will get original and unique gift packages that will delight your loved ones.

And for that, you have two options:

  1. Choose a paper bag with the dimensions that correspond to the object to be wrapped and decorate it with bolder, masking tape, ribbon, knot … depending on the person to whom you intend it. Then close it with an adhesive pad or jumper label. You get a quick gift package to make and original.
  2. Or you can recover bags or even pieces of bag that you can assemble thanks to masking tape and / or adhesive labels. In this case use them as a sheet of gift paper. You can also add a little extra touch with ribbons, knots, bolder, etc.

So whatever your choiceis, your gift packages will look like no other since you are the creator.

You will look at the paper bags with another eye because now you know they are like cats: they have many lives!

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