There are three main forms of custom electronic product packaging provided by Fonmoo: cardboard boxes, plastic boxes and corrugated boxes. Cardboard electronic box is mainly used for high-end earbuds, Bluetooth stereo, mobile phones and other product packaging; transparent plastic box packaging shows the best effect for electronic products; as for the corrugated packaging, mainly used in relatively large volume of electronic products, the manufacturing costs are relatively cheaper. Common electronic product packaging design get product images printed on the surface of the box, it is more intuitive and gives prominent publicity.

Electronic packaging solutions for optimal protection and promotion of your valuable goods.We understand the need to create packaging solutions that are easy to implement to prevent product damage during shipping. Using proven scientific techniques, we produce sustainable packaging solutions that are cost-effective and suitable for this specific purpose. In order to offer a high-end presentation to your electronic products, we can print all our packaging in high quality, maximizing the image of your brand and creating a real appeal to customers.

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