Cakecup boxes usually have a handle part for easy carrying; and according to different sizes, they can contain 2, 4, 6 or 8 small cakes. Cupcake box packaging increases the position of the transparent window, or at the edge, or at the top cover, increasing the visibility of the package. Consumer are more willing to buy when they see the style of the cake.If you want to customize a different cake packaging, as to get the cake shop information and cake style information printed on the packaging, to promote business development, we can cooperate with you. We will not refuse your request for a small batch of customized cupcake boxes as other suppliers do, and our minimum order quantity is only 500. Will we be able to achieve on-time delivery of high-volume custom-made packages, as other packaging suppliers do; on a monthly basis, we supply more than 5 million packaging capacity due to our proven production systems.

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