Chocolate, as a complimentary gift of candy between lovers, is worth far more than regular candy. A beautiful chocolate box packaging, making better added value to the product. Most chocolate gift boxes use cardboard as a raw material and the interior is divided into small squares. Small chocolate packs can hold 4 or 6 chocolates while a large heart-shaped chocolate box can hold dozens of chocolates. In particular, the use of gold cardboard as the interior decoration of the chocolate food gift box increases the luxury of the packaging; the label paper can be used as an embellishment on the gift packaging to add personalization of the gift packaging.And we suggest that according to the color of the package style, you can choose to paste a similar color on the packaging lid gift knot, this will give a better effect. Fonmoo Packaging, as a packaging manufacturer with extensive production experience, can provide you with tailor-made, customized product packaging.

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