Marriage is the most important and unforgettable day in life for everyone. Whenever we hear a friend get married, we always prepare the gift carefully and send them blessing and love. The gift to send out is very important, and a beautiful wedding gift boxes packaging can better reflect the value of gifts. We are able to offer you over 300 styles small wedding candy box packages, more than 100 large dress box packages, over 200 innovative hand-held gift box packages, and each gift box package with gift ribbons and gift bags. Personalized wedding gift packaging will be especially important, and will make friends who accept gifts feel the importance. But rarely the only gift box styles, most of them are General purpose, and will choose to go to the wholesale store to buy. However, as a packaging wholesaler or retailer of a gift box, it is very important to choose a label paper or a package with a blank portion to allow consumers to write a greeting to a friend.If you need more custom packaging information, feel free to contact us, we will solve your questions one by one for you.

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