Carton packaging design mainly come from practical and ornamental departures. The practicality of the package mainly reflected by whether it is easy to carry, open and whether it is convenient for the product to be staged. Can opener, toothbrush package flip, are easy to open the product from the point of view; paper packaging handle, with hemp rope gift box packaging, making it easier for consumers to carry the product.

The practicality of the packaging is mainly reflected in the design of the packaging structure, while the ornamental packaging design shows the promotional effect. As most of the packaging structures are similar, the effect of publicity is decided mainly by the flat packaging design display style. We will listen to your suggestions for packaging design, because only the customers know best about your product. Fonmoo Packaging will work with you while considering the details of the packaging design and take importance for long-term cooperation. At Fonmoo, you will get the highest quality custom packaging services, as well as a full range of top-quality paper box packs.

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