The candle packaging boxes are dedicated to be used to give protection to different candles, to adapt to their many forms, and to reflect the brand value of the candle product. The packaging design content is as creative and refined as possible, so that consumers who see the packaging will be very motivated to open the package and use the product. Ribbons or Printed gift knots on the front of the package can make the candle boxes become high-end as gift boxes, which promote sales as well as carefully-chosen materials, printing technologies and designs.
Here is a catalog of some representative models we offer for custom candle packaging, the condition is very flexible and we offer a great variety of customization options, besides, the minimum order quantity is only 500 pieces, meaning that you can try with a very tiny cost possible and we are sure that you will be satisfied by our product and service. We can assist you in designing packaging, including choosing the most adaptive packaging structure and material, designing your unique and attractive pattern as well as realizing the best candle packaging box produced to help you to improve your packaging design, boost your sales and minimize your manufacturing costs. If you need more custom packaging styles option, you can send AI files and emails directly to us, we will do all our best to respond to all your needs.

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