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Among the many cupcake packages, the white cupcake boxes with windows will be a very good choice, especially as a universal cake box. There are no printed white cake boxes that look clean and tidy, without any impurities, just the style and size of the cake. The size of the box is customizable and can be used to hold individual, 2, 4, 6, 8, or 12 cup cakes, which are packaged according to actual needs. The interior is also made of white inner cardboard, and the hollowed out part is in the shape of a gear, which can just place the cup cake and play a good fixing role to prevent the cake from being crushed and deformed. The transparent window part, using 0.2mm PVC film, has a good display effect on the cake and promotes the purchase of consumers. This type of cake package can even be used in queues or birthdays, and can be turned into a good food gift package by simply using a silk scarf as a gift belt.

As a professional packaging manufacturer, we offer a wide variety of cake packaging styles. In order to avoid contamination of your cake and good display, we recommend that you use white cupcake boxes with windows, which is really great.

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