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FOB price: US $0.1-0.9/Piece
Product keyword: custom cookie packaging boxes
Style: custom
Design structure: Free
Min .order quantity: 1000Piece/Pieces
Printing handing: Monochrome printing process
Address: Shenzhen China
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The main purpose of custom Biscuit packaging boxes is to meet the packaging needs of personalized biscuits in order to establish the brand and business reputation. In the process of customizing the packaging of biscuit boxes, the most basic function is to protect the food from being contaminated and to maintain the quality of biscuits. Secondly, the unique shape and printed pattern of the outer packaging are used to achieve the purpose of publicity. You can get more market share by getting more consumer attention through the different styles of custom cookie boxes package, which can be displayed on bakeries, restaurants, supermarkets and hotel shelves.

Fonmoo Packaging The cookie boxes prepared for you are affordable and are high quality product packaging. Offering a personalized cookie box or other food package, an exclusive product logo and business name, product description, and food ingredients can be printed on the package’s surface, all of which will help consumers gain a better understanding of your product and brand. Worry about packaging proofing will increase the cost of a lot? You need not have any doubts about this. All of our sample proofing is free, and when you confirm the order, we will deduct the sample fee from the total order money, which can save you more cost for customizing Biscuit packaging boxes.

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