Black cardboard boxes packaging for perfume bottles

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Custom packaging for perfume bottles is necessary and its design is gaining more and more attention. Perfume is one of the most popular types of cosmetics, and perfume packaging has become one of the most popular industries. Through the design content of the perfume box packaging, we can usually judge the characteristics, value, authenticity and so on. More and more perfume brands are putting more energy into the design of perfume packaging and incorporating it into a part of the brand plan to pursue more competitive advantages.

Perfume is usually placed in glass bottles, which are fragile and easily damaged during sale and shipping. The cardboard box outer packaging just complements this defect and can fully protect the fragile perfume bottle. As a raw material, 1200g of gray board is strong in hardness, not easy to bend, and is not easily damaged by impact. The black EVA inside the package protects the fragrance . In order to decorate the inside of the package, black or other colored silk scarves can be used, and the perfume is more luxurious. Printing through CMYK directly reflects the type, brand and use of the perfume, which is very important for the sale of perfume.

Over-packaged perfume was slowly abandoned. Over-packaged perfumes can cause the package to take up too much space and use more materials, resulting in wasted resources. And too large packaging will reduce the customer’s shopping experience. The compact packaging for perfume bottles has been accepted by more people. Small perfume packaging is only reduces the waste of materials ,but plays an important role in perfume promotion and protection. For more types of perfume packaging, please feel free to contact us for the latest quotation.

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