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Watch is high-end, fashion watches and classic watches are not the same target group, the information that needs to be displayed to consumers is not the same. Fashion watches are sought after by young consumers or women; business men prefer classic watches. In order to distinguish between different watches, custom watch packaging is a must, and can be different brand characteristics.

Different brands have different positioning positions, but different series of watches of the same brand continue similar styles as a core advantage. The watch box packaging is the label and spokesperson of the product, and the design style of the same brand of watch packaging is similar. For business watches, the black background theme of the package has become the industry standard, reflecting the elegance and rigor of the watch. Black cardboard boxes are one of the most common styles.

Compared to the square cardboard watch box packaging, I prefer the rectangular packaging style. Square cardboard packaging Because of the limited space, the strap usually bends over the watch pillow and does not fully display the watch. However, the rectangular watch package can fully reflect the watch, and the strap can be tiled in the package. The interior is decorated with a thin EVA and black natural goose down for a good touch and protection. The black cardboard watch packaging with LOGO is the best embodiment of the brand value of the watch product. Please feel free to contact us, we have a wealth of experience in the production of custom packaging, to meet your various needs.

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Black cardboard boxes watch packaging wholesale, black velvet protects the watch inside the package Black cardboard boxes for watch packaging, the insert inside the package is black goose down cloth, protect the watch from scratching High quality black cardboard boxes watch packaging with LOGO wholesale Black cardboard watch packaging boxes with logo, using imitation leather paper can increase the touch of the package Black cardboard boxes watch packaging with logo, high quality packaging promotes product value enhancement

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