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The requirements for essential oil packaging boxes are usually relatively high, since most of the loaded are fragile essential oil glass bottles. Therefore, we will choose hard cardboard boxes as the outer packaging, with a certain load-bearing capacity and impact resistance. Inside the package, EVA or sponge inserts are used, and the hollowed out part is the same size as the essential oil bottle, which can provide better protection. For internal inserts, we recommend using high-density EVA to make the product package look high-end. Black cardboard essential oil boxes have drawers that hold the edges of the drawer with black silk scarves, making it easier to take out essential oils. However, please note that the tightness of the cardboard paper drawer is very critical. Too loose between the drawer and the outer box will cause the box to fall off. If it is too tight, it will be difficult to open the box.

The essential oil package can be 10ml, 15ml or 30ml essential oil boxes, depending on your essential oil bottle and packaging design to determine the size of the custom package. The brand logo, brand name, product type and model number can be printed on the front side of the package by bronzing. In order to reflect the high-grade essential oil, the surface of the package can be pasted with special paper, such as black imitation leather paper and imitation wood grain paper.

Black cardboard essential oil packaging boxes with logo

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