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There are many styles of eyelashes packaging box. Does the eyelash packaging style you choose meet the aesthetics of most consumers? Today, 90% of eyelash products are not particularly noticeable in terms of shape and performance. In addition to the brand and product model, the difference between the same model of eyelashes is less than 10%. Consumers do not form brand loyalty, or brand awareness of eyelash products is not strong, it is more concerned about the style of the box. When you shop at a store, you will first be attracted to the beautiful and luxurious eyelash box, and the product will be considered high-grade according to the product packaging. This is not just a person’s idea, but the idea of ​​most consumers. If you want to design a good eyelash packaging?

This is a reference eyelash package with only two shades of black and gold. The front of the package is a hot stamping logo and brand name, which makes consumers think that this is a high-end brand. The interior uses gold cardboard and is in the form of U gold powder, which adds internal luxury. Since the eyelashes are extremely demanding in the storage environment, the use of a transparent plastic case allows direct viewing of the eyelashes and avoids contamination of the product. The design of the square transparent window, seeing an eyelash product, is very attractive to consumers. For more eyelashes packaging boxes, you can always contact us and we will provide you with exclusive custom packaging.

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