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Product keyword: Black cardboard gift boxes packaging for tea,bronzing printing
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Min .order quantity: 1000Piece/Pieces
Printing handing: Bronzing printing
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Custom packaging for tea, is this necessary? Custom tea packaging is very necessary, not only has a significant impact on brand promotion, but also plays an important role in the sales price of the product. Unpackaged tea, the selling price is low; the packaged tea can use the brand information on the surface of the packaging to create a trustworthy tea for consumers, and is willing to pay a higher price to buy tea. The plastic tea bag has good barrier properties, prevents the tea from being protected from moisture, oxygen, light and other pollution, and plays a good protective role, so that the tea leaves are kept fresh at all times.

The packaging of tea plastic bags is not hard, and it is very easy to be deformed by the impact of the outside world, which is easy to damage the integrity of the tea leaves. Use hard cardboard gift boxes to make full use of the hardness of cardboard paper to avoid damage to the packaging and avoid damage to the tea. It can even be in the form of a set of gift boxes, which can hold three or more individually packaged tea bags to make the tea easier to sell. Tea brands and major patterns can be used in hot stamping to highlight the luxury of the brand. A matching gift tote bag makes it easier to carry tea. Most importantly, we have our own custom packaging production system with a minimum custom quantity of 1000 pieces to meet your initial business needs.

Black cardboard gift boxes packaging for tea,bronzing printing

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