Black cardboard packaging for dress boxes

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People who are about to enter the marriage hall are always happy and sweet. People choose the dress before the wedding and look forward to the grand wedding. When choosing wedding gowns, people not only pay attention to the style of the dress, but also pay great attention to the dress boxes. Many consumers will keep the wedding dress for a long time to commemorate the sacred and important moment of the wedding. Therefore, the durability of the dress packaging will be very important to show.
We recommend that you use hard cardboard boxes for durability. 1200g of gray board is used as raw material, and wedding packaging can be used for at least 30 years. Hard cardboard packaging adds about 30%-50% more cost than other fragile boxes, but it’s well worth it. And the brand usually reflects the value of the dress. It is very important to reflect the brand name in the label of the package and the dress. Printing the name of the dress brand in the package is important to increase the value of the dress. At the same time, applying the silk scarf gift knot to the package will make the dress packaging more formal.
For non-foldable hard cardboard carton packaging, the shipping cost and storage cost of the brand purchase package will be greatly increased. We can cleverly design the cardboard packaging so that it can be completely folded, thus reducing the cost of shipping the package. For more types of product packaging, please feel free to contact us and we will provide you with professional services.

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black cardboard dress gift packaging box,CMYK printing, the brand name is reflected in the packaging, and the boxes are decorated with silk scarves black cardboard packaging for dress boxes with red gift bows foldable black cardboard packaging for dress boxes,Or can provide more foldable packaging black cardboard packaging template,We can cleverly design the cardboard packaging so that it can be completely folded black cardboard packaging boxes wholesale

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