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Since the birth of the perfume, it has been placed in glass bottle. Because the glass bottle can effectively prevent external pollution, and can avoid the volatilization of the perfume. Most designers spend a great deal of effort on the design of perfume glass bottles, using the beauty of the curved strips to enhance the appeal of the perfume. But perfume bottle packaging is often ignored by designers. When we buy perfumes, we will first see the perfume packaging, and after purchasing the perfume, we will be allowed to open the packaging, take out the perfume bottle and use the perfume. Perfume packaging should be more valued, and its role is even more important than perfume glass bottles.

Perfume packaging is the label of the perfume, with the recognition of the perfume brand. We can choose kraft packaging, copper packaging, printing plastic packaging, etc. as a perfume package, but we recommend using cardboard perfume boxes. Full use the hardness of hard cardboard to avoid damage to the perfume during transportation due to collision. The choice of the adhesive paper on the cardboard packaging surface has a great influence on the packaging style. In addition to ordinary double copper paper or kraft paper, you can also choose gold cardboard, hard cardboard, fine grain leather paper and imitation wood grain paper, which will improve the grade of packaging. Brand name, logo and other font printing, emboss printing will greatly improve the packaging grade. For more types of perfume bottle packaging, feel free to contact us and we will improve the best product packaging and service for you.

Black cardboard perfume bottle packaging boxes,embossed packaging logo

Custom high-end hard cardboard perfume bottle packaging boxes with logo wholesale Custom high-end black cardboard perfume bottle packaging boxes with emboss printed logo wholesale hard cardboard perfume bottle packaging boxes with logo wholesale,quality product packaging custom perfume bottle packaging boxes with embossing printed logo

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