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Product keyword:Black cardboard perfume boxes packaging with EVA inserts
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The cardboard perfume boxes are the most common type of perfume packaging, made from 1200g grey paper, which protects fragile perfume glass bottles. The interior uses a high-density black EVA, which utilizes EVA cushioning to completely avoid damage to the perfume bottle. High-quality perfume packaging should consist of two parts, one is the creative packaging design, which can attract the attention of consumers to the greatest extent, the products can sell higher prices with the brand value; one is to use high quality materials to improve the products. The experience of packaging. High-quality packaging not only enhances brand value, but also motivates consumers to become loyal customers.

Fonmoo Packaging Co., Ltd. provides you with a wide range of cardboard perfume boxes, and can share packaging design concepts and provide professional help. The number of custom packaging is flexible, the minimum number of ordering packages is 500, and our maximum monthly delivery capacity is 5 million. Below 50,000 packed boxes, we are guaranteed to provide you within 7 working days. For more custom packaging issues, you can always contact us and we will provide you with the best products and services.

Black cardboard perfume boxes packaging with EVA inserts

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