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Corrugated packaging has a very wide range of applications in the market, as manufacturing costs are cheaper. Black corrugated boxes can be widely used in food packaging, large electronics packaging and transport packaging. We can according to your specific product weight, size, provide you custom product packaging with different corrugated materials and different sizes.

This is a small black corrugated packaging, the entire package background color is black, the use of 3 layers E corrugated cardboard, the thickness of only 0.21-0.15cm, it is the thinnest among corrugated cardboard, can directly reduce the material cost of the custom packaging. The reason that we can use such a thin corrugated paper as the raw material for product packaging, is mainly because that the product is a plastic bag, and the number of only four, the overall mass is relatively light.

As for custom black corrugated box packaging structure, it fully reflects the packaging design needs to meet the user’s experience. In the plastic bag packaging, the bottom has a deep notch opening to facilitate to take the plastic bag directly from the bottom of the package. On the side, the opening is not so difficult to open as the others, but uses a light paste, so taking products from corrugated packaging can be very relaxing. If you say that you are also worried about how to use it, on the back of the packaging there are five illustrations to tell customers the specific steps to use the box, it’s intuitive and clear.

We can also provide you more styles of wholesale corrugated boxes packaging, you can customize the packaging of your product logo and other instructions, the use of custom packaging for product promotion and branding.
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black corrugated boxes

custom small black corrugated boxes packaging with logo

wholesale quality small black corrugated boxes packaging

custom black corrugated boxes

custom small black corrugated boxes packaging with QR code

black corrugated boxes packaging wholesale

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