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Most of the earplugs use small carton packs or pvc packs. However, when your earplugs have a higher value, you may choose a larger earbuds box packaging, as a set off. Large cardboard earplug packaging is very popular, and the packaging design is simple, usually only the logo and brand name, composed by the internal blister packaging and the cardboard packaging outside. We provide you the earplug box packaging that can be applied to wired headphones, sports Bluetooth earbud, high-end beat headphones, etc., all are tailor-made packaging.

This is a Black earbud box package, using single black paper, cardboard, black pvc and sponge as raw materials. The inner box blister packaging is a good success, or even perfect. The location of the two Bluetooth earplugs looks like two eyes, and put the USB data cable in an arc position just like a smile. The entire blister packaging design, like a very happy smile that people never forget. Black sponge is pasted on the surface of the plastic box, the use of sponge cushioning effect, ensures the protection. As for packaging surface design, in addition to logo and name done with gilding process, there is no printing content, the key is the brand. Gilding printing process makes the packaging looks gilded, increasing the grade of packaging, this is already the consensus of the entire packaging industry.

As a custom packaging manufacturer, we provide you with a customized product packaging style that goes beyond this, providing you with more than 300 different series of boxes. Here, you will get the most comprehensive custom packaging services, including packaging design, proofing, high quality packaging, packaging accessories purchasing, and agent arrangements for delivery.
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