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As the cell phone charging cable style is generally divided into Android phone from, Apple phone from and Huawei cell phone from as the three common forms. Charging cable have been difficult to differentiate in the basic functions, only through the changes of data cables in small features or styles to gain greater market share. The cable packaging boxes can make customers identify the characteristics of the brand, thereby promoting the purchase.

This is an ordinary data cable package, but shows the difference between the product and the other charging cables on the market, through custom printed patterns. This custom packaging shows new features and new style of the product, on the top of the package with “fashion cable” word; on the middle part, the background color is gray, prints a pattern of the data cable. What should be mentioned is that, the LED part close to the charging head is zoomed in, reflecting the difference of this charging cable; the second half is most in black background color, in addition to “LED” and “data” words that are red, the other part is in white font, as to explain that this data charging cable package is with LED lights. During the charging, the LED light will be red; when fully charged, the LED light is green, so that you can promptly remind people whether the phone is fully charged, very intuitive and clear.

On the back of the custom cable package, there is not only a hook, but also a square transparent window in the upper part to give a good display of the product. The bottom half of the backpack is printed with a specific product description and a detailed product description of the product. We can provide you with more than 100 kinds of custom data cable packaging solutions, you only need to tell us your specific requirements, we can provide you with the best custom packaging.
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