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Design structure:Free
Min .order quantity:1000Piece/Pieces
Printing handing:Four-color printing process
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I believe that a beautiful camera lens packaging boxes can make your product more high-end, so as to get more attention. If you use the form of cardboard packaging, with a reasonable design, you can increase the brand’s influence through the packaging of the external image, which is the most critical for custom packaging.

You see the BSC-7000 camera lens box packaging, the packaging surface is very clear to reflect the brand, the lens characteristics, styles and models and other basic information. Perhaps this information is not unique, but it is indispensable. Because most people, through the surface of the packaging information to understand, will choose to buy the product, or that no one is willing to buy the electronics they do not understand. The square cardboard camera lens packaging boxes by using the form of cardboard boxes, the use of four-color printing, etc., although an increase of about 20% of the custom costs, but the gains increase gained far more than 80%, the economic benefits High. Coordination of color, but also as a camera lens packaging design considerations one of the major factors, meticulous improvement, will make the product of higher grade.

We can provide you with a wide range of electronic packaging styles, can be widely used in watches, cell phones, audio, ear plugs and other product packaging, camera lens packaging boxes is just one of the many series of custom packaging we provide.

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