There are many kinds of unique cardboard boxes packaging, you can try the cat ear packaging structure design, the overall packaging style is very cute.The cat ear features two distinctive hinged doors that when closed give,give it cute kitten ears.The middle tray utilizes a simplex packaging design to hold the contents.




In addition to the usual square packaging, excellent packaging designers can also design a variety of different packaging structures. Make full use of the imagination, imitate the common objects in life, or animals and plants, can make the cardboard box packaging into various shapes, and the internal products will become more attractive because of the unique packaging structure design.

Cats are one of the people’s favorite animals. We found that there is a kind of food called cat ears. The shape of the food is similar to that of cat ears, which is very popular. Why can’t I design a box that looks like a cat’s ear? This great idea has been achieved. The cat ear box is packed with two unique hinged doors that hold the seal easily. The top of the package is not flat, but is sunken. The overall shape of the package is similar to that of a cat’s ear, which is very cute. Although we show you white packaging, you can print any pattern in the package, such as Kitty or other cat patterns, internal food or female accessories, which is attractive to consumers. For more types of packaging solutions, please feel free to contact us.

Cat ear cardboard boxes packaging structural design

Unique cat ear cardboard boxes packaging structural design, the style of the packaging is similar to cat ears Unique cat ear cardboard boxes packaging wholesale, we can provide you with more packaging solutions


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