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The most important factor to consider when designing LED light packaging is the protection of the product, because LED is a very fragile product. Squeeze packaging or LED swaying is very easy to break the LED. In order to fix and protect the product, internal cardboard or blister packaging is often used as the inner packaging. I prefer to use internal cardboard as the inner packaging of LED, which is in line with the concept of environmentally friendly packaging. At the top and bottom positions, two single-powder cards are placed (the annular cutout in the middle of the card is related to the size of the LED), which is very inexpensive to manufacture. Since people cannot directly judge the wattage of LEDs from the appearance of the product, it is particularly important to print the actual wattage on the surface of the printed product package. The characteristics of the product style are directly reflected on the surface of the printed packaging, which is conducive to enhancing the visual experience of the packaging.

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Cheap LED light packaging boxes wholesale

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