Layered packaging design is one of the more complicated packaging designs. It mainly divides the interior of the package into small independent spaces so that it can accommodate more content neatly.This  double door packaging is reminiscent of a cabinet ,utilizing built-in dividers to organize and sort its contents.While it may look like it has multiple parts,its only sheet that folds flat.




Layered packaging design is often required for multiple independent products in a package. The layered packaging separates the interior into separate spaces, making the product look orderly and creating a good visual experience for the product. When 10 or more chocolates are placed in a chocolate package, the layered package separates each chocolate, looks neat, and allows for a higher selling price. Not layered boxes, dozens of chocolates inside a packaging, it looks messy, no layering, will reduce the value of the product. Divider packaging can also be used for high-end gift boxes to enhance the brand’s popularity.

Among the many packaging designs, the design of square box packaging and paper tube packaging is the simplest, and the most complicated is layered packaging design. What we show you is a double-opening packaging, the interior is divided into three separate spaces, using built-in cardboard to organize and classify its contents. The internal partition does not use the paper insert, but the partition is fully considered in the packaging design, and the foldable cardboard is designed and fixed. Double-open the edge of the cover, Double-open the edge of the cover, set the position of the socket, convenient to fix the cover of packaging; the edge of the design of the raised half ring, equivalent to the starter, easy to open the package. It’s easy to think of it, it’s very much like a cabinet, refrigerator or wardrobe, which can accommodate more content in an orderly way and make the most of the space. Printing creative patterns on the surface of the package will made the package become any type. For more custom packaging types, you can contact us and we will provide you with a packaging design solution for free.

Integrated divider boxes packaging structure design, using AI or CAD tools to make packaging design perfect Integrated divider packaging design, continuous improvement of packaging design is helpful for products and brands


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