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Everyone uses mouse when working in the office, aside from mouse offered when buying the computer, anyone who uses computer with change his/her mouse 1-3 times a year, thus the market of the mouse is very huge. Getting your products computer mouse packaging boxes can ensure the protection and promotion as to stimulate the development of business.

Computer mouse packaging gives a very good protection in the transport process, because if pressed directly to the mouse will make the key insensitive or even get directly failure. For most of the mouse manufacturers or brands, they choose corrugated or cardboard boxes. In fact, the best choice is the product packaging composed by outer box, inner box and blister packaging. Although the cost of corrugated boxes is relatively low, but it is rough, and cannot enhance more added value to the products. Cardboard carton packaging, occupy a relatively large volume, costs relatively high, unless it is a high value of the mouse, most people rarely use this packaging for mouse. For the combination of packaging, the outer box is uses single coppered paper of 250g as the main material of the outer packaging and inner packaging, there are blister packaging within the box, exactly the same shape of the mouse, making a three-tier protection to the product. The surface printing design of the packaging uses rich and simple packaging design, mainly based on the actual situation. However, it is suggested that the package design to be concise, the specification of the product parameters and other instructions made into a specification, to accommodate a greater amount of information.

For custom computer mouse packaging, choose Fonmoo packaging, because we have a professional packaging design team to improve your product packaging; and we are packaging manufacturers that provide the lowest packaging prices.
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Computer mouse packaging

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