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The first thing to consider when designing the packaging of any product is to let the consumer see the packaging and immediately know what product it belongs to. It is worthwhile to judge whether the product packaging is worth buying through packaging. Led Light packaging design also needs this design concept as the core. Therefore, most of the LED lamp packaging design, with the LED style as the main pattern, is convenient for consumers to see the packaging on the shelf to know the product style, and judge the product at the fastest speed. In order to reflect the characteristics of energy-saving LEDs, using digital contrast incandescent bulbs, the effect of 12W LED energy-saving lamps is equivalent to the effect of incandescent lamps 80W. In the packaging design, highlighting the product selling point is one of the main product promotion methods.

Printed corrugated packaging will be the best choice to take full advantage of the malleability of corrugated paper to protect against the fragile LEDs. The hook part is set up so that the product can be hung on the shelf, and people will browse the branded product when shopping, increasing the exposure. Different styles of LEDs require different packaging. Just provide AI design files, we can help you produce exclusive Led Light packaging and improve your sales.

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