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As consumers become more aware of brand value, many customers choose the brand when they buy the product, followed by the style of the brand product. Shoes are no exception, and more and more consumers are paying attention to brand value. Many merchants and brand owners mistakenly believe that a store is the only way to get consumers to recognize the brand value. They often ignore shoe box packaging design and think it will not work. However, according to our survey results, more than 60% of consumers are not only interested in the style of shoes, but also believe that product packaging will reflect the brand’s design ability in some aspects. And the shoe box has the ability to store shoes, and the idle shoes can be placed inside the package to keep the shoes clean and tidy, avoiding environmental factors such as dust.

Customized printing large cardboard shoe box packaging design, the LOGO of the packaging surface will move with the position of the consumer, so that more people can see the brand and promote the free multi-distribution of the brand. The surface and inner side of the shoe packaging can create an active youthful color through dazzling color patterns and exaggerated artistic styles, which can greatly attract consumers’ attention. For high-end shoes, EVA or other inserts can be used inside the package to bring out the luxury and high quality of the shoes. Depending on the size of the shoe, the size of the custom package can be designed to fit the shoe perfectly into the package. We can provide you with cheap but high quality shoebox packaging to meet your product and branding needs. More types of printed product packaging, we can provide you, please feel free to send your request to our mailbox ([email protected]).

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