This product packaging design’s hinged doors swing open to reveal multiple drawers within.Due to the stackable nature and removable drawers, this compartmentalized concept can serve as the foundation for a reusable modular packaging design.The cardboard drawer box packaging has the following composition: leftdoor panet, right door panet, drawer dividers (x2), dividers glue to, wall of interior, back hinge, drawer stopper (x3), Drawers (x3).




In order to make more products available at one time, brands usually choose to design gift boxes, which can sell 3-5 related products at one time. With the increasing awareness of environmental protection, reusable product packaging is more easily accepted by consumers, and environmentally-friendly packaging is considered to reflect the brand’s social responsibility, trust the brand, and purchase your company’s branded products. Therefore, when designing product packaging, it is not only necessary to print various patterns and information on the surface of the packaging to attract consumers, but also to design more reusable practical functions, such as storage packaging. Printed cardboard drawer box packaging will be one of the best choices.

The three layer is the drawer box packaging which is more practical than the one layer of the drawer box. A cardboard box package has three drawers that allow for a more detailed division of the product. For example, it can be made into food gift boxes, the top layer can hold small candy, the middle layer can hold chocolate, and the bottom layer can hold dried fruit. Or this is a cosmetic kit, which can hold skin care products, false eyelashes, and lipstick. The three-layer drawer package can be turned into a gift set, saving consumers time to find products, and allowing the product to be sold at a higher price, helping the company to achieve higher profits. Printing various patterns on the surface of the package will form a variety of product packaging, attract consumers’ attention and enhance the brand’s influence. More types of product packaging design, we are able to provide you with packaging solutions for free, please feel free to contact us.

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custom cardboard drawer box packaging structure design,Detailed flat structure design to help consumers understand multi-layer drawer packaging cardboard drawer box packaging structure design,Three-tier drawer boxes can hold more classified products

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