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Product keyword: Custom cardboard Paper lipstick packaging box with EVA insert
Style: custom
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Min .order quantity: 1000Piece/Pieces
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Lipstick is a favorite product for women of any age. Different women choose different colors of lipstick to reflect their personality and charm. Lipsticks are available in pink, crimson, purple, and light red. Different consumers will choose the color they like to purchase. As a cosmetics brand, you need to customize the lipstick packaging box to reflect the characteristics and models of lipstick. For retailers, there are a lot of lipstick brands and collections. Only by customizing the logo and color of the packaging surface can you quickly distinguish products and recommend them to customers. For lipstick consumers, lipstick quality is often associated with lipstick box packaging, and good lipstick packaging is a reflection of high quality products. For the brand’s popularity and product sales promotion, custom lipstick packaging is very necessary.

80% of the lipstick we see is sold in a Single lipstick, but you can have more choices, such as selling lipsticks in Suit combination. As shown in the case, a black cardboard box is used to pack three lipsticks into a lipstick gift box set. The interior uses white EVA, which contrasts with the black carton, which is more conducive to visual impact and highlights the lipstick product. The printed content on the front of the package is very important, and can directly highlight lipstick products, brands and so on. For more lipstick packaging box styles, please contact us and we will provide you with the best products and services.

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