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Custom eyelashes packaging with logo, is the first step to establish a brand plan, but also with other eyelashes brand an important way to distinguish. For the product itself, if not through the custom packaging, it is impossible to distinguish which paroducts belongs to  brand. The same shape of eyelashes box packaging, but due to the use of different packaging design, the formation of two different styles of eyelashes packaging, is the embodiment of specific product positioning.

The following several cardboard custom eyelashes packaging with logo, are using the same packaging structure, but due to the use of white copper paper, specialty paper, black paper and so different, and with different design patterns, creating a different style , So as to get the love of different consumers. Especially pink printing eyelashes packaging, the interior is the use of 3D printing design style, the shape of the mirror, the internal printing “Arimika lash” brand name, a good highlight of the product brand.

Of the many custom eyelashes packaging with logo, there is always has an that can be used as a reference to customize your perfect product packaging and promote brand awareness.

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