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Product keyword: custom packaging boxes with windows
Style: custom
Design structure: Free
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Printing handing: four-color printing process
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The best product packaging is that the packaging with windows, you can see through the transparent window style and features of the product, than the pictures and text propaganda more intuitive, but also be able to attract the attention of consumers. Custom packaging with clear Windows,it is using clear pvc as the raw material, but the main material can be copper paper, cardboard or kraft paper, transparent window just as a kind of embellishment, but for the product promotion is to play a big role.

Because of the different characteristics of the product to be highlighted, the location of the transparent window of the product package is not the same. If all of the product packaging transparent window position is similar, not to the actual product is not based on the characteristics of the location of choice, then the entire package design is a failure, setting a transparent window is meaningless. And in the overall design process, more need to consider the brand logo, product name and model, the location of publicity language design, and what kind of printing process, all for the overall appearance and packaging of high-grade has a significant impact .

When you want to more directly show the characteristics of the product, or build a brand, you can consider custom packaging with windows. Whether for brand building or for providing the perfect packaging solution, we have the experience to provide you with package improvement solutions in the shortest time to maximize your product and brand promotions.

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