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Product keyword:Custom printed hard cardboard boxes packaging for electronic cigarettes
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We promote greener carton packs than non-degradable plastic wraps. Many environmentalists will think that carton packaging will cause a large number of trees to be felled, but it can be degraded, integrated into the environment in a short period of time, and reused by other organisms. Or we can recycle and use paper packaging repeatedly to minimize the environmental pollution caused by packaging. In many paper packaging, printed hard cardboard boxes are used in a wide range of applications, such as electronic cigarettes, earplugs, tempered glass protective film, audio and other electronic packaging, as well as cosmetic packaging, gift boxes and so on.

Due to the high hardness of printed hard cardboard boxes, they are not easily deformed by external force and can usually be used as high-grade electronic cigarette packages. After the 1200 g of gray board passes through the groove, it can be folded to form a cover, which finally forms a rectangular shape. The adhesive paper on the packaging surface can be made of 80g double copper paper, which can enhance the visual experience of the packaging by utilizing the double-sided smoothness of the double copper paper. Four-color printing can shape any pattern and text, and can fully display the style, product features and brand of e-cigarette to customers, and promote the sales of products. More types of cardboard packaging can be used for electronic products, please feel free to contact us for the latest quotation.

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