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Product keyword: Custom small cardboard foldable gift boxes wholesale
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Cardboard gift boxes have long been one of the most popular product packaging, widely used in electronics packaging, gift box packaging and cosmetic packaging. However, the increasingly high transportation costs have become an important factor restricting the development of cardboard gift boxes. Brands often pay more high fees when customizing cardboard packaging, which increases the cost of product packaging. However, with a better solution now, we can offer you more foldable gift boxes wholesale. Foldable hard card trays save more space than non-foldable cardboard boxes. The cardboard package after folding is one-tenth or even less of the volume of the fully unwrapped package. This will help reduce packaging customization costs by at least 60% and storage costs by more than 80%.

Hard foldable cardboard boxes are more complex in packaging design, more demanding for structural packaging designers, and able to use CAD and AI software. The two sides of the package fold are joined, using a foldable and open package assembly that allows the package to be fully folded. On the side of the cover of the package, two small circular magnets are embedded to firmly adhere the cover, and the product does not slip off easily. Custom packaging with LOGO and brand name is more conducive to brand promotion and product sales. The main message can be printed on the front side of the package and on the inside of the package to give consumers a better understanding of the product and brand. Since we are a custom packaging manufacturer, we are able to offer you more styles of cardboard gift boxes wholesale, which you can choose for any product and packaging. Welcome to contact us.

Custom small cardboard foldable gift boxes wholesale

Custom black Foldable Gift Boxes packaging with LOGO, packaging surface printing can increase the attractiveness of packaging Custom black Foldable cardboard Boxes packaging can reduce packaging transportation costs by more than 50% Custom high quality Black Foldable Gift Boxes packaging,The folded cardboard box packaging is one tenth or less of the volume of the fully unwrapped package. Customized blue Foldable Gift Boxes wholesale, fully folded cardboard boxes are one-tenth or less of the volume after unfolding High quality blue cardboard Foldable Gift Boxes custom, folding packaging can reduce storage costs by more than 60% Blue Foldable Gift Boxes wholesale,The hard cardboard boxes packaging held can protect the product well.

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