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More and more brands or manufacturers are paying more and more attention to product packaging design. Because the competition is becoming more and more fierce, consumers not only pay attention to the performance of the products, but also pay attention to the form of product packaging, and even choose to purchase products because of product packaging. Especially for a variety of hard cardboard boxes packaging, can be used as electronic product packaging or gift boxes, with a variety of packaging design methods, including the choice of packaging materials, can shape different product packaging image.

Many product brands will choose to use 3D imitation wood printing paper, which is especially helpful to shape the image of the classic product packaging. And 3D printed wood grain paper is lower in manufacturing cost than wood grain paper, and the type of wood grain that can be molded is also more flexible. You can use the imitation wood grain packaging shown in the figure as a high-end product packaging, customizing different packaging sizes, using it as a gift box or a jewelry box. The use of more special papers, such as imitation leather paper, laser paper, pearl paper, etc., is helpful in shaping classic product packaging, and we can provide you with more customized packaging solutions.

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