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Product keyword: Customized premium eyelashes boxes packaging with windows
Style: custom
Design structure: Free
Min .order quantity: 1000Piece/Pieces
Printing handing: Bronzing printing
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I believe that more than 80% of cosmetic brands will pay attention to eyelashes products, because eyelashes can make women’s eyes bigger and more beautiful, which greatly increases the charm of women. Many female consumers want to have a beautiful eyelash, the market potential of eyelashes is huge, and the competition is very intense. How to stand out in a highly competitive market is a major test that all eyelash brands must face. Customized premium eyelashes boxes packaging, which uses brand information on the surface of the package as a product label to guide consumers to purchase brand eyelashes and form brand loyalty.

There are many styles of eyelash packaging, but we recommend using high-end cardboard boxes to design transparent windows. The biggest advantage of the transparent window, you can see the style of the eyelashes without opening the package, and increase the display effect of the eyelashes. The eyelashes are easily bent and damaged. They are placed in a transparent blister of 0.3 mm thickness, and the fixed eyelashes are not shaken. The interior of the gold card paper as a backdrop, and the use of U gold powder on the surface of the gold card paper, the entire package and product looks luxurious, high-end. The brand name is printed in hot stamping, which is very necessary and reasonable with the overall color. For more premium eyelashes box packaging or cosmetic packaging, you can send us an email directly to [email protected] to let us know your needs and provide you with the best product packaging.

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 Customized premium eyelashes boxes packaging with logo wholesale Customized premium eyelashes boxes packaging with windows  wholesale,packaging with bronzing logo Customized premium eyelashes boxes packaging with clear windows,The interior of the package is decorated with gold cardboard

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