Not all boxes insert need to be flat! The chamfered Insert edges are faceted to give a lifting,frame effect.This sloped sides draw the eyes toward the center of the insert creating a focal point on the product it hold.




70% of the paper packaging seen in daily life is cardboard boxes, and our improved packaging design for customers is mainly in cardboard packaging. Design cardboard boxes, on the one hand, can start from the unique shape of the design, on the one hand, mainly design the internal structure of the package. We can isolate the interior of the package into a number of separate small spaces for the different accessories of the product. In December 2018, we helped our customers design e-cigarette cardboard packaging, The interior is complex,Cardboard is used to distinguish three different sizes of space for electronic cigarettes, essential oils and electronic cigarette holders. Sales have tripled in a short period of time. In our daily life, not all cardboard packaging designs with inserts are complex, usually only need to divide the internal space into two.

The Design cardboard boxes with chamfered inserts are also commonly referred to as top and bottom cover packages. The upper cover and the lower cover have the same packaging design plan, and the size of the upper cover is slightly larger than the size of the lower cover. Chamfered insert is a piece of cardboard, designed with creases, with a certain height, separating the inside of the package into two separate spaces; the lower part can be loaded with instructions and accessories, and the upper part is the main body of the product.  This type of packaging is very common, and various product packaging can be formed by printing various contents in the package.

Design cardboard boxes packaging with chamfered insert, packaging structure AI design is the basis of graphic design Wholesale cardboard boxes with chamfered insert, we can help you complete the packaging improvement design


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