The double pocket ornament box contains two pockets for triple the surprise!The surprise when they realize it’s not just an ornament,and two other surprises when they open each packet.




Most brands typically ignore the packaging structure design and focus all of their energy on graphic design, the only way to distinguish between competitors’ products when packaging a flat design. This approach has limitations. Although more than 80% of the customer’s attention will be concentrated in the graphic design, the high-end perfume packaging and the low-end toothpaste packaging use the same packaging structure, which will greatly reduce the packaging experience and brand value. The packaging design of any product requires full consideration of the packaging structure.

The packaging structure design is determined according to the product, or the packaging structure is more perfect, not every designer or packaging manufacturer can complete. Designers are skilled in using CAD and AI software to incorporate fashion and creativity into packaging design. Designing different structures according to different products can enrich the experience of opening the package. The way the package is opened, the design of the hooks, and the setting of the transparent window all have a very important impact on the packaging experience. Thanks to our professional packaging design team, we are able to offer you a variety of structural packaging designs, such as the double pocket ornament boxes shown below, with detailed structural graphic design.

Double pocket ornament packaging structure design, CAD design of packaging structure is conducive to perfect packaging solution Double pocket ornament boxes packaging structure design, which can print any content on the surface of the package to form a unique product packaging.


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