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As e-cigarette sellers are aware, consumers are increasingly fancy brands, and E-cigarette cardboard boxes as a manifestation of high-end electronic cigarette products. Only custom packaging with logo, to be able to use the brand’s influence, and online advertising can be translated into practical benefits. Because the logo of the electronic packaging is a direct way to reflect the brand, but also consumers make purchasing decisions an important reference factor. If you have high quality products, but not has customize the product packaging as a publicity, the loss for you is enormous.

As the color of e-cigarette is black, so this e-cigarette package is based on black paper, using 350g cardboard as the main raw material. The front of the cardboard box is generally reflected in the important information, so the brand name, electronic cigarette models, as well as the style is reflected in the front of the package. Additional promotional information on the front of the package is also essential. Electronic cigarette as a new technology products, model parameters, features, manufacturing processes, etc., are embodied in the back. The beauty of this design is that consumers do not have to understand the product by opening the package, The understanding of the entire product directly on the surface is deep, creating a good shopping experience.

Electronic cigarette packaging as one of our focus on  production of electronic packaging, providing the style cylindrical boxes, square box form. If using E-cigarette cardboard boxes packaging, coupled with beautiful design, will get the maximum sales promotion.

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